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a work in progress

14 February 1973
Nameste, Welcome...
Who am I? Yeah, well I'm still enjoying figuring that out.
But I think I've made some progress.

At the moment, I am a mom and a step mom, an adoring and adored wife, an academic aka psych geek (doctoral student in counseling psychology, college-level teacher & emotion regulation researcher), and a breast cancer survivor (although I don't like the way the word "survivor" is use in reference to cancer most of the time). On a more abstract level, I am a spiritual-atheist, a shameless-eccentric, a passionate-rationalist, a giddy-slave to sarcastic humor, an eclectic-abstract-thinker, and a culturophile. Some other aspects of my identity include being a professional belly dancer, an html & VBA programmer, a blogger, an aquarist (rainbow fish, heavily planted 40 G), a proud book slut, a convert of convertible tablets, and a closet I-pod lover.

On the whole, though, I am just someone who needs to encounter life fully and in so doing create an interdependent web of information, experience, and abstraction.

In the past this passion for meaning has made me feel different and devalued in a society that holds pseudo-reality TV as its highest form of entertainment. But lately, I've discovered that I am not alone. I've found tiny pockets of intelligent, open, and creative people all over the place; in real-life and virtual communities where we make the rules for what's cool (like being openly hungry for knowledge and experience). I have also been fortunate to find a partner and build a family, where my values are shared as well.

But I think that it's not just for me; I think that the tide is turning for many people who look differently at the world. Suddenly, the geeks are inheriting the world primarily because we are the people seeing the greatest benefit of the technology explosion; we have the intelligence to utilize what's available in new and creative ways, the ingenuity to create what we want if it doesn't already exist, and most of the money to afford it once created. So suddenly it seems that groups of geeks are popping up all over. I've never been big on groups in the past, in fact there were usually just places where people expected me to loose my own identity, but gain next to nothing in return. However lately I've found that it's a whole different experience when the group identity is based on values you share. Then it is just a matter of finding and recognizing those when you meet them.

In the interest of that continuing search, I come here... to seek to know and to be known.

Which brings me to my world-geek greeting; Nameste is really a traditional Hindu salutation; but for me saying it is much more than that. When I think of the essential meaning of this word I come as close as I am able to believing in divinity. For me, the word means: All that is the highest ability, thought, and action in me, greets all that is the highest ability, thought, and action in you; and when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, together may we become aware of this in each other and realize a state of being that is beyond our individual experience of reality and therefore, not less than, but greater than ourselves.