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Want to read an article about me in one of our local papers?

***Warning it is REALLY badly written and includes a lot of misquotes... like I have *never* said the words "but I want to be part of the survivor group." I HATE the word survivor.. but more on that later.***

All in all, I like the way she approached the article, though.

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22 March 2006 @ 04:52 pm
Just a Quick update for friends and family who may not know...

I am finished with Chemo, and just starting Radiation. And I will be done with Rads at the beginning of May. After that the treatment part is over.

And here is the Bitchy part for those who have asked me these questions about 100 times now
(If that is not you, then PLEASE don't be offended by the bitching, it clearly isn't aimed at you... besides the ones it is aimed at don't read my journal anyway)...

NO, I will not know that I am okay from here on out after treatment is over.
NO, there is no test that they will do to make sure the cancer is gone.
The detectable cancer was gone after my first surgery, as I have explained over and over on the phone, all the adjuvant therapy was preventative. Because the cancer made it to my lymph nodes, I never will know for the rest of my life if it will come back or not.
BUT, I will be going on with my life as if I am fine, until something happens that makes me have to behave differently.

Enough Said, now let's move on to the fact that I just got accepted into graduate school in a program that is 5th in the nation for Counseling Psychology okay? Okay.


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20 March 2006 @ 01:27 pm
This one is from a Tribe.net community..

In the end I think it came out that the original poster was just kind of being a jerk. He titled the discussion Women and Sex, and although everyone in the Philosophy of Science list assumed from his initial question that he meant Gender and Intelligence, it slowly became clear form his comments that Women and Sex were really all he wanted to discuss. However, the answers that others gave along the way were though provoking. Some explored the difference between sex and gender, others discussed categorization in general (some rejecting the validity of sexual, biological categorization). This was my rely (My reply was meant to both comment on the subject and address the idot.):

I agree that the question is useless in general (or at least as posed in this board), but there are some interesting answers and if what you are concerned about is educational intervention or the politics of gender discrimination, they are very useful.

In a paper I worked on a few years ago, we found literature that falls on both sides...
As a group (again we all know this does not necessarily apply when to any two individuals are compared)
Boys in grade school & beyond do better on standardized tests.
Girls in grade school & beyond have better report card grades overall.
Men seem to process information (especially math concepts) more quickly.
Women seem to consider things more carefully and in depth.
Boys seem to answer more questions correctly in class (of course teachers are also more likely to call on them).
Girls complete and score higher on more in class assignments.
Women are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, earn bachelor's degrees and master's degrees.
Men are more likely to get a PhD.

and here's the big one...
Men over over-represented at the top of the IQ scale (which keep in mind is a standardized test)
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17 March 2006 @ 11:33 pm
This is a reply to gasping in abstractthought
Another one where I got carried away, and wrote so much that it makes a good stand alone post...

Here's the deal, it depends on how you define your terms (as most arguments do really).

1. I think when he says that intuition and faith have no place in science, what he means is that you can not make a claim in the scientific or academic world without testable facts on which to base that claim.
... And on that point he is dead right.

Just saying "I feel it's true", or "I wish it were true", or even "it should be true", doesn't cut it there. And that is a good thing, because otherwise we'd have to make decisions about whose theory to believe based on who has the greater confidence, is more intimidating, or has the greater emotional need.... And THAT would produce a chaotic mess for all of us.

2. However, if he is using that fact to argue that intuition and faith have no validity in the everyday living of life, or that there is no scientific discipline that recognizes intuition or faith as important parts of life, well that's were he is on shaky ground.
Read more...Collapse ) But there is nothing in psychology, or philosophy, or any science that justifies totally disregarding another person's feelings or needs because you are better at rationalizing your own. Pillow talk is not the place for the scientific method, and couple communication was never meant to have to stand up to the peer review process. I your partner thinks he/she needs that to feel (or think) they are safe in a relationship, then that person is really are not socio-emotionally mature enough yet to have one.

Good Luck
Counseling Psych Grad Student
Seeker of Truth in General
& Belly Dance Teacher ;)

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17 March 2006 @ 12:20 pm
As a Reply to my last post, and reading my tribe profile, I think...
dddduck said:
"Wow, a Psychologist and a Dancer. I suspect there is a connection between the artistry of dance and an understanding of how we think and feel."

Here is my Reply...

For me, I think, what you said is true.
For all psychologist, probably not.

I mean, I am guessing that you mean a free flow of emotion like in dance, is connected to understanding other's emotions.
I have found that, although there are plenty of warm friendly happy open people in psychological research... There also seem to be a fair number of us who were drawn to this field because we don't understand humans or some part of "normal" but would like to (this is me), or (and this is the fairly prevalent group that I think defy your observation) we see them like Skinner thought of his lab rats... a distal curiosity. Read more...Collapse )

To Learn more about Freud on Crack go here to StraightDope.com or what Tarab means to a dancer go here to Katya's site.
To Hear Fatme Serhan "Queen of the Baladi" sing go here to Maqam.com.
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16 March 2006 @ 11:08 pm
I just linked my Tribe profile to my live journal RSS feed, which is a pretty cool feature, I think for such a massive ubber-forum-meetup-space as Tribe is.
Here is the link ...

So now, should you for whatever misguided reason want to do so, you can spin in an endless recursive loop between my blog and my tribe profile.
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A few weeks ago my Dad sent me a list of questions. At the time I was busy applying for grad school and didn't have time for any fun writing. Today when I started answering them I thought... Hey, others might not have abstract thinking dads who take time to play the Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galley version of twenty questions. So, I decided to share. Here are his first two questions, and my answers. If you want to play too, feel free to chime in (I am emailing him the link so he can check up on how his thoughts played out in others heads). Read more...Collapse )

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This is the juicy Discussion part as promised....
If you want to read the WHOLE thing including the tables and references, go to this back dated entry .



Insecurity, as measured by the Strange Situation procedure and the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), has been correlated with a wide variety of negative outcomes in the domains of social functioning and psychopathology in childhood and young adulthood (Lewis, Feiring, McGuffog, Jaskir 1984; Renken, Egeland, Marvinney, and Mangelsdorf , 1989; Warren, Huston, Egeland, & Sroufe, 1997). Researchers focusing on romantic relationships, specifically, have found that both dismissing and preoccupied insecurity have negative implications for an individual’s ability to successfully navigate partner interactions (Roisman, Madsen, Hennighausen, Sroufe, Collins, 2001; Bouthiller, Julien, Dube, Belanger, & Hamelin, 2002). Taken together, the correlates of insecure attachment suggest that, although these patterns of behavior and affective attribution may be adaptive in an individual’s family of origin, they are maladaptive in later social interactions (Sroufe, 1997). Clearly, the way in which a child experiences their relationship with their primary caregiver as an infant, has a long term effect on how that child behaves later in life, but the question remains, by what means does an attachment model organize adult behavior? Must.. Have.. More.. Discussion...Collapse )
I promised this a LONG time ago, but when I finished my thesis last year I never wanted to have to look at it again! But I just now pulled it out to submit with my grad school applications, and well it's not a bad read {grin, blush, bat eyelashes}. So it you have the time.... I am posting it is three parts, because there are only two parts that are interesting to read for the average non-academic geek who is curious about relationships, but it's hard to use the l-j cut tag to slash it up just right to be both polite to those who keep me on thier frisnds list and still informative. So, if you just want just the good parts read this intro, and then move on to the discussion on the next entry. If you want to read the WHOLE thing including the tables and references, go to this back dated entry .


Popular or common sense theories tell us that individuals respond uniquely to their encounters with each other, in part because they grow up in different families and have different relationship experiences. Another way to conceptualize this idea is to say that individuals respond to interactions with each other in differing ways because they interpret the world through the unique cognitive/emotional filter of their own previous experiences in relationship interactions. Following this reasoning, the relationship experiences that individuals have with their parents in infancy and early childhood become the most influential, because they organize the expectations that an individual carries with them into subsequent social interactions. Thinking in those terms, one can begin to see how attachment theory can inform theories of emotion and emotion regulation.
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29 September 2005 @ 04:39 pm
Okay, this one is pretty old, but I just had a PET scan yesterday, so irreverence about body parts is just kind of the mood I'm in! ;)

I found this old post while using Live Journal's new tags feature to categorize all my old journal entries... I was thinking that way those who come here to read philosophy and real life, or general geekiness type stuff won't have to wade through all the cancer and death stuff or family life type posts, ect.. ect.

But in the process I ended up rereading a bunch of old entries. Like this one that I wrote in 2003... warning do not click here unless you want to see 750 women naked and a giant penisCollapse )

In the end, I realised that not all the Nakedness on the NET is spam or porn,or even spam porn, and some of it is down right compelling! Which is how being naked for a good cause and the opportunity to post a Giant Snow Penis on the front page of my Blogg, got me all worked up and excited about adding a new topic and tag to my journal... just to lighten things up a bit in an otherwise dark time...
See Below ... more to follow...
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